Jungheinrich Genuine Spare Parts

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

Originals offer security 

Jungheinrich’s own service utilises only genuine parts worldwide. Only by using genuine parts it is possible to maintain the optimum interaction between all components, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and value.

  •  Only genuine spare parts benefit from the manufacturers expertise.

Originals sustain warranty

Only Jungheinrich genuine parts meet the high performance demands of truck and material. The use of spurious parts may cause severe accidents or high cost failures.

  • Jungheinrich provides certified quality.

Originals arrive tonight

The truck is down and you need a part yesterday rather than today? With the In-night express delivery we can deliver spare parts the next morning - direct to the technician’s van!

  • Jungheinrich offers a 98% spare parts availability worldwide.
Service Hotline

Shanghai Branch:400 886 9288

Suzhou Branch:400 886 1090

Beijing Branch:400 650 0873

Guangzhou Branch:400 613 0003

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