JUNGSTARS uesd trucks

As good as new

When a Jungheinrich used fork lift leaves our refurbishment plant, even an expert would be hard pressed to distinguish it from a brand new truck.

Used trucks

Jungheinrich JUNGSTARS – As good as new. As good as Jungheinrich.

JUNGSTARS are used forklift trucks made by Jungheinrich that rank among the market’s best. Our high-end refurbishment with the five-star principle guarantees: Every vehicle is restored to perfect condition technically and visually with the highest standards of safety and sustainability. 

We are so convinced of the quality and persistence of our JUNGSTARS, that every single refurbished vehicle is delivered with the same 12-month warranty as a brand-new Jungheinrich forklift truck. This best proves our claim: Our JUNGSTARS are “as Jungheinrich as new”.

Our 5-Star Principle

Five stars, one promise: Our JUNGSTARS offer safety, state-of-the-art technology, as-good-as-new appearance, reliability and sustainability.



With the purchase of a JUNGSTAR you benefit from economic, technical and ecological advantages.


Refurbishing Concept

All our used forklift trucks are processed with a standardized 6-step refurbishment concept in order to become JUNGSTARS in premium quality.


The JUNGSTARS promise

If you opt for a JUNGSTAR, you get more reliability, more safety and more value for your money.


Checklist for Purchasing a Used Truck

Unlike our competitors, we put a lot of care and pride into the refurbishment of our forklift trucks. Trust is good but we believe that control is better. Our checklist will help you put the used truck of your choice to the test, in order to minimize your purchase risk.


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As good as Jungheinrich

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