Shuttle channel racking

Compact storage and optimum utilisation of space

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Basic characteristics

  • Excellent floor and space utilisation
  • Careful load handling
  • Lifo (last in first out) and Fifo (first in first out) possible with both variants
  • Very high throughput
  • Different pallet types can be used in the same racking system

Carriers travelling independently in the racking channel are the core of the Jungheinrich shuttle compact warehouse systems – the entire solution comprises the channel racking, carrier truck and carrier modules.
This allows you to expand the performance range of traditional compact warehouse systems – saving space by eliminating aisles – and achieve improvement potential in terms of filling level, throughput, and diversity of items, space utilisation and load protection.

Advantages in overview

  • Application
  • Operating the under pallet carrier (UPC)

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Advantages in detail


It is based on the proven Jungheinrich pallet racking. Depending on the carrier type used (IPC or UPC), uprights and support bars are configured as channels. Each channel is equipped with specially adapted guide rails which ensure the carrier travels in safety at all times. The unique thing about Jungheinrich shuttle systems is that they are designed either to go under pallets (under pallet carriers, UPCs) or to enter pallets (in pallet carriers, IPCs). Jungheinrich offers a range of versions to suit individual needs.

Operating the under pallet carrier (UPC)

The UPC positions itself beneath the pallet and loads it onto its platform. Operated via a carrier truck with FEM forks, the carrier can move 'freely' in the channel. To turn into another channel, a truck loads the carrier onto its forks.

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