Pushback racking

Best use of space for lifo methods

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Basic characteristics

  • Optimum use of space through dynamic block storage
  • Durability data, batches and production series are optimally monitored
  • Segregated storage

Jungheinrich pushback racking comprises racking uprights connected together to form a channel. The tilt of the conveyors is 3% to 5%. Reach trucks are normally used to put the stored goods into the pushback channels of the racking.

Advantages in overview

  • Application
  • Operation

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Advantages in detail


Push-back racking is suitable for the storage of medium-sized quantities of the same item.


With this system, stacking and retrieval take place from the same side of the racking. If there are already load units in one of the channels, the new load unit must push the previously positioned load unit against the slope. When retrieving a load unit, the pallets already in the channel move up automatically. There are typically three pallets behind each other per channel.

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