Mobile racking system

Obtain new storage space from aisles

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Basic characteristics

  • Up to 90% saving on racking aisles
  • First-in-first-out possible
  • Shorter travel distances
  • Better utilisation of space
  • Can be mechanised
  • For pallet, modular and cantilever racking systems

Jungheinrich mobile racking systems comprise pallet racking (single/multi-bay racking) or cantilever racking, which is mounted on mobile stands. Equipped with motors, the racking can then be moved via rail guidance to locations where a racking aisle is required. This operating principle enables 9 out of 10 aisles to be obsolete, thereby creating new storage space. The racking system can be controlled centrally from the control cabinet, and decentrally from an individual rack or by remote control.

Advantages in overview

  • Application
  • Operation

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Advantages in detail


Mobile racking saves on working aisles and creates storage space (up to 90% in comparison with conventional racking). Despite this, every load unit is directly accessible at any time. Mobile racking is particularly suitable for medium quantities of goods and a medium number of different items with a low access requirement.


Mobile racking is serviced by trucks with a wider aisle width requirement without a large space requirement as only individual aisles are necessary. The racking rows can be controlled locally from the individual rack, remotely from the truck or via the warehouse management system. Photoelectric light barriers on both racking fronts trigger an emergency disconnect as soon as they encounter an obstacle.

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