Warehouse Management System

The intelligent and comprehensive Warehouse Management System.

Optimise your flow of goods and control your warehouse more easily and cost-effectively than ever before with the Jungheinrich WMS - the intelligent and flexible software solution for your intralogistics.

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Basic characteristics

  • Individual WMS with wide scope of functionality
  • Unique future reliability
  • High flexibility and reliability
  • Modular design
  • Innovative functionalities
  • Ease of connection

Jungheinrich WMS – the individual and comprehensive WMS solution
The intelligent, industry-independent Jungheinrich Warehouse Management System (WMS) manages, controls and optimises your warehouse integrally, ensuring that your processes are sustainably efficient and effective. It is our comprehensive WMS solution, perfectly tailored to your company, so that the software adapts to your operations and not vice versa.

Moreover, for more than 20 years now, the Jungheinrich WMS has been undergoing constant development by our in-house software and logistics experts based on the latest intralogistics trends. This guarantees that you will also grow as required to face all future intralogistical challenges. Our intelligent functions will support the continuous improvement process in your company.

Reliable. Flexible. Future-proof.
According to current market studies, the average useful life of a warehouse management system is more than 15 years. So it is good to know that you will be future-proof with the Jungheinrich WMS. Your Jungheinrich WMS will remain forever young – because Jungheinrich offers a degree of forward compatibility that is unique in the industry, thereby ensuring that your Jungheinrich WMS is always compatible with new releases and upgrades. So you can upgrade to a current version at any time and are already benefiting from the developments of tomorrow today.

And best of all: As you grow, your software grows with you. The modular design and multi-dimensional configuration model of the Jungheinrich WMS ensure simple adjustment to future changes; the Jungheinrich WMS also supports multi-client and multilingual functionality.

Ease of connection
Integration made easy. The Jungheinrich WMS uses standard interfaces to ensure the exchange of data and communication with all standard host and ERP systems.

The Jungheinrich WMS offers everything you need for the simpler and more cost-effective management of your warehouse – and much more besides.

Advantages in overview

  • Increased productivity & efficiency
  • More transparency
  • Simple, cost-effective warehouse control
  • Numerous references
  • 24/7 support
  • Reduced error rates
  • Higher level of readiness and shorter response times
  • Decades of experience
  • Professional planning and implementation
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

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Advantages in detail

Increased productivity & efficiency

Increase the productivity and efficiency of your warehouse by realising and optimising warehouse processes, routes and use of space by means of our Jungheinrich WMS. Long search processes for documents, information, pallets or goods will be eliminated and the saved time will significantly affect your handling turnover rate. In addition, you can also initiate dynamic optimisations such as shiftings and permanent ABC analyses. By means of ERP integration, you only need to press a button to create delivery notes, transport documents and other documentation.

Reduced error rates

The Jungheinrich WMS supports all intralogistics processes and reduces error rates by improving the process reliability. Every employee receives exact and route-optimised commands for putaway, retrieval and picking instructions in real-time on the display of the hand-held terminals or via truck terminal directly on the vehicle. During the picking all process steps are confirmed, movements of goods are reported to the WMS immediately and checked in real-time. That way, delivery errors, time-consuming return handling and – subsequent deliveries can be avoided. In addition, it is possible to further increase the process reliability via the (semi-)automatic handling of transport instructions e.g. by using the Jungheinrich Warehouse Navigation or innovative picking methods such as Pick-by-Light.

More transparency

The wireless data transmission processes and real-time booking of all goods movements in the Jungheinrich WMS enable you to achieve the maximum stock accuracy and transparency. In addition, individually configurable evaluations and exact analyses make it possible to identify unused potential in the warehouse management and control and to make processes in the ongoing operation considerably more efficient.

Higher level of readiness and shorter response times

Thanks to the maximum stock accuracy and transparency you always know exactly how many pieces of each product are stored in the warehouse. "Out-of-stock" situations and subsequent delivery delays can be avoided entirely and replenishment orders can be triggered automatically via the connected ERP system.

Simple, cost-effective warehouse control

The Jungheinrich WMS manages, controls and optimises your warehouse. The best possible use of space and a lower amount of stocks improves your profitability significantly. In addition, inventories will be simpler and faster than ever; the Jungheinrich WMS certainly also supports the "perpetual inventory".

Decades of experience

Jungheinrich can draw on decades of intralogistics experience and offers a quality that is unrivalled – also in terms of logistics software. We develop our software in-house and use our extensive experience in all areas. You also benefit from it when you turn to our support team as you obtain all answers to your questions at first hand.

Numerous references

With more than 60 years of experience in intralogistics, Jungheinrich has a wide range of references in almost all sectors.

Professional planning and implementation

With us, you have the advantage of a full-range supplier as well as a software and process expert. We offer you reliable and qualitative assistance from the first contact to the support. From the material flow consultation to detailed planning and professional project planning to the reliable realisation and system integration including the training of your employees on site.

24/7 support

An extensive after-sales and support concept for efficient warehouse processes continues long after commissioning. Our support team assists you 24 hours per day and 365 days a year, if needed, and helps you with all of your questions reliably and quickly via remote connection.

Excellent price-performance ratio

Thanks to the comprehensive portfolio, Jungheinrich as a general contractor offers a complete IT solution for your warehouse from a single source, upon request, and keeps you fit for the future.

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