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The perfect link between the truck and warehouse management system

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Basic characteristics

  • Modular design
  • No functional changes to the warehouse management system are required
  • Simple integration of different technologies in existing software environments
  • Numerous options for linking to a warehouse management system

Various technologies and truck solutions – for example RFID, warehouse navigation – require an exchange of data with the warehouse management system (WMS). However, for the most part, these do not 'communicate' in the same language. The WMS must therefore be adapted to enable communication to take place. With the Jungheinrich Logistics Interface, these adaptations are not normally necessary at all, or only to a very limited degree. This is a specially developed communications link which is installed on the radio data terminal and which takes on the duties of the communications hub as well as ensuring the translation of the information exchanged. This ensures quick and easy integration into existing and new system environments – without functional changes to the WMS.

Advantages in overview

  • Simplified communication between WMS and truck controller
  • Wide range of applications

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Advantages in detail

Simplified communication between WMS and truck controller

The Logistics Interface is a powerful communication product which operates between the WMS and the truck controller, considerably simplifying the communication which takes place. The WMS only sends the job orders to the Logistics Interface, which is responsible for the precise communication with the truck. The organisation and control of processes is therefore possible in the WMS without costly changes. The modular structure of the Logistics Interface guarantees simple expansion for additional technologies. In this way, very different technologies (for example RFID, Warehouse Navigation, Auto Pallet Mover) can easily be integrated into existing software environments.

Wide range of applications

The Logistics Interface is used as standard with the Warehouse Navigation in very narrow and wide aisles, as well as RFID technology, for positioning and the use of automatic scanners. The Logistics Interface can also be used to connect Jungheinrich's Under Pallet Carriers and Vertical Lift and Carousel Modules to your WMS. In the case of the Auto Pallet Mover, the Logistics Interface provides the WMS connection, advanced process logics, visual order management and more functions. There are a number of options for connecting to the WMS, including file transfer, TCP/IP, Telnet and others. Moreover, it can also work in reverse, which means that the Logistics Interface is able to send feedback quickly and easily to the WMS.

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