GTP 110/210/216

Trailer (1.000 / 1.600 kg)

Robust portal trailer with double-sided loading options

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Basic characteristics

Lift (standard mast)
from 80 to 80 mm
Capacity / load
from 1,00 to 1,60 t
  • Ergonomic operation
  • 'Push through' of the load to unload under the portal bar (optional)
  • High energy efficiency with electrical connection
  • High level of directional stability with all-wheel steering (optional)

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More characteristics

Our GTP portal trailers guarantee the flexible, cost-effective transportation of loads with a capacity of up to 1600 kg per trailer. The opportunity to pick up and off-load trailers from both sides give a flexible solution for all operations.
The portal trailers are available with two steering systems: Either with a simple steering/fixed castors principle or with a directional stability system for narrow spaces with simultaneous steering of all wheels.
Loading and unloading is precisely and quickly controlled using buttons for lifting and lowering. To unload, the trailer is lowered then manually pushed though the portal frame. Portal heights of 1.60 metres (standard) and 2 metres (optional) enable you to adapt the system to your individual needs.
The trailers are electrically connected, thereby providing the best conditions for easy, reliable and efficient operation. A high level of energy efficiency is guaranteed by the energy conversion directly in the trailer.

Advantages in overview

  • Electrical connection of trailers
  • Optimum ergonomics for efficient work
  • Reduced costs due to energy-efficient operation
  • Additional equipment
  • Comfortable and safe operation
  • Rugged construction for tough applications
  • Maintaining an overview at all times

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Advantages in detail

Electrical connection of trailers

The portal trailers are electrically connected in order to transfer the necessary energy for lifting and lowering.

  • High level of efficiency with excellent energy management.
  • Fast, quiet lifting and lowering.
  • Easy and clean connection. The coupling is via just an electrical connector.
  • No additional power unit required in the tow tractor.
  • Low energy consumption.
Comfortable and safe operation
  • Simple coupling system for connecting the trailers with good directional stability.
  • All-wheel steered frame (GTP 210/216) for excellent directional stability.
Optimum ergonomics for efficient work
  • Lifting and lowering via buttons at an ergonomic height.
  • Lift status displayed via differently coloured lights (optional).
  • Heavy loads are pushed out of the GTP via the portal construction. This is more ergonomic and gentle on the back than pulling it out.
Rugged construction for tough applications
  • Frame manufactured from high quality sheet steel.
  • Design for 1000 kg and 1600 kg loads.
  • Optional portal heights of 1600 mm and 2000 mm (optional).
  • Suitable for load aids with dimensions of 800x1200 mm and 1000x1200 mm.
  • Suitable trolleys available in all sizes.
Reduced costs due to energy-efficient operation
  • Energy is only ever used in the individual trailer in which the load is lifted/lowered. Loads therefore remain in the raised position when the trailer stops to save energy.
  • The conversion of the energy directly in the trailer minimises losses and ensures optimum energy utilisation.
Maintaining an overview at all times

A comprehensive instrument display allows a complete operational overview at all times:

  • Traffic light display (optional) for lift function.
  • Clear view from tow tractor of the entire train due to the portal bar.
Additional equipment
  • Extensive accessories for individual tailoring to your requirements.

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