EZS 570

Electric tow tractor (7.000 / 8.000 / 9.000 / 10.000 kg)

Robust tow tractor with sprung wheels for indoor / outdoor use

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Basic characteristics

Lift (standard mast)
from 0 to 0 mm
Capacity / load
from 7,00 to 10,00 t
  • Comfortable operator seat
  • speedCONTROL for driving on slopes
  • Driver's cab (optional)
  • Automatically engaging parking brake, no rolling back on inclines
  • High energy efficiency levels due to maintenance-free 3-phase AC drive motor

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More characteristics

Robust, versatile and economical: These are the advantages offered by our EZS 570, 580 and 590 electric tow tractors. When used in warehouses or outside – these high-performance tow tractors with tow load capacities of up to 9 t are suitable for any application.
But that is not all: In addition to outstanding ride comfort and safety, our Series 5 tow tractors also offer increased performance with low energy consumption:

  • New comfort suspension: The fully cushioned suspension with springs and shock absorbers on all wheels does not just protect the operator's back but also the truck.
  • Robust construction: The powerful steel frame and hard-wearing moulded parts last for the lifetime of a tow tractor in daily operation.
  • LED lighting: The optional lighting is environmentally friendly and not sensitive to vibrations.
  • Easily accessible trailer coupling: From a seated position, the coupling is clearly visible and easy to reach. Different couplings are available.
  • Generous and comfortable operator position: The low footstep makes it easy to climb aboard. The spacious foot-well provides ample legroom. The steering wheel, travel direction switch and indicator lever are all easy to reach and form an ergonomic unit.
  • Automatic parking brake with roll-back protection: When the truck comes to a halt, the tow tractor and trailer are automatically secured on slopes.
  • 48-V 3-phase AC motor provides powerful acceleration and high top speed.
  • Regenerative braking: The braking energy is fed back into the battery, thereby extending its operating period.
  • Fast battery changing: The battery can either be lifted out by crane or optionally replaced from the side.
  • Economic use of pool batteries: Use of the 625-Ah battery, which can also be used in the 48-V front loading trucks, in the XL version.

Conclusion: Sophisticated ergonomics and technology in the form of our EZS Series 5 ensure gentle and safe working with a high degree of cost and energy efficiency.

Advantages in overview

  • Innovative 3-phase AC technology
  • Optimised ergonomics
  • Long operating times
  • Additional equipment (optional)
  • Comfortable and safe operation
  • Rugged construction for the toughest applications
  • Always informed

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Advantages in detail

Innovative 3-phase AC technology

Jungheinrich 3-phase AC motors offer you higher performance while simultaneously reducing operating costs.

  • High level of efficiency with excellent energy management.
  • Powerful acceleration and high top speed, even when laden.
  • Rapid change in direction of travel.
  • No carbon brushes - maintenance-free drive motor.
  • Two-year warranty on the drive motor.
Comfortable and safe operation

The SpeedControl impulse electronic management system and the automatic electrical braking system ensure comfortable and safe operation of the vehicle, with adjustment opportunities to suit any application:

  • The fully sprung chassis with springs and shock absorber guarantees traction at all times.
  • The automatic parking brake ensures that driving off is safe, even on slopes.
  • The travel speed set using the accelerator is maintained in all situations.
  • Energy recovery: Regenerative braking when decelerating.
  • Programmable crawl speed switch allows travel at reduced speed.
  • Three alternative travel programs can be set to suit every specific need.
  • Seeing and being seen: Two-stage LED lights (daytime running lights, travel lights).
Optimised ergonomics
  • Easy entry and exit due to the low footstep.
  • Spacious operator position with large footwell.
  • Ergonomic footrest for the left foot.
  • Short distances from the operator position to the coupling and load.
  • Highly visible and accessible coupling.
  • Inching controls for simple coupling and decoupling (optional).
  • Non-marking super-elastic wheels (optional).
  • Well organised with many storage areas for the operator.
Rugged construction for the toughest applications
  • Frame made from high-grade, 8-mm steel sheet.
  • Extra-high frame apron on front cover.
  • Robust LED lights: Front lights, rear lights and indicators (optional).
  • Side protection with baseboards (optional).
Long operating times

Energy-efficient 3-phase AC technology and high battery capacities allow for long operating times. XL version allows to use batteries of forklift trucks (e.g. elctro forklift EFG 213-220).

  • Standard version: 3 PzS 345 Ah.
  • XL version: 5 PzS 625 Ah.
Always informed

Easily read display and instruments always allows a complete overview of battery discharge indication, operation hours, speed and fault diagnostics.

  • PIN activation of the vehicle (optional).
  • Choice of 3 travel programmes.
  • Adjustable travel parameters.
  • Turtle switch.
Additional equipment (optional)

Extensive accessories for individual tailoring to your requirements:

  • Inching buttons for simple coupling and decoupling.
  • Lateral battery exchange for easy changing of batteries.
  • Additional steel bumper.
  • Holder for radio data components.
  • Different couplings.
  • Hydraulic or electric power connections for Jungheinrich's GTE and GTP trailers.
  • Comfort charging: Charging the built-in battery with no need to open panels.
  • Cabs with a variety of facilities for use outside.
  • Additional options allow the tow tractor to be tailored to specific needs.
  • Also available: Burden carrier based on the Series 5 EZS.

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