ETV C16/C20

Electric Reach Truck (1600, 2000 kg)

Super-elastic tyres and high ground clearance for indoor and outdoor use

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Basic characteristics

Lift (standard mast)
from 5300 to 5300 mm
Capacity / load
from 1,60 to 2,00 t
  • Sideways seat offers excellent visibility even with high loads
  • Drive, lift and steering in AC technology
  • All weather cabin for frequent outdoor applications (optional)
  • Smooth and sensitive operation due to “SOLO-PILOT” control lever
  • Jungheinrich “Curve Control” for safety in corners

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More characteristics

Super-elastic tyres, high ground clearance, space saving design, high performance and ergonomic working place. These are the
exceptional strengths of the Jungheinrich Reach Truck ETV C16/ETV C20.

The advantages:

  • Flexible for both indoor and outdoor operation on different types of floor. Suitable for working on smooth floors in warehouses or uneven surfaces during lorry loading and unloading outside.
  • Space-saving design for narrow working aisle widths from 2829 mm (according to VDI when picking up Euro pallets
  • Higher productivity whilst reducing service and maintenance requirements through the use of AC technology.
  • Easy and intuitive handling due to ergonomically arranged displays and controls. Not only does the display and implementation

of the instruments contribute to safety but also gives excellent visibility.

The Jungheinrich Reach Trucks ETV C16/ETV C20 therefore are the basis for cost effective stacking and retrieval at high lift heights as well as in confined spaces. Whether working in pallet or live racking
systems, in single shift or multi-shift applications or frequent outdoor use with comfortable weatherproof cabin (optional)
– the Reach Trucks ETV C16/ETV C20 is the ideal solution for every application.

Advantages in overview

  • High-performance mast
  • Easy control using “SOLO PILOT”
  • More efficiency and economy using
  • Ergonomic operator cabin
  • Easy to read operator display
  • All weather cabin (optional)

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Advantages in detail

High-performance mast

High-performance mast
Jungheinrich masts ensure maximum safety and maximise space utilisation even at high lift heights:

  • Excellent load visibility.
  • Integrated side shift.
  • Lowest overhead clearance requirement at high lift heights.
  • Smooth mast tilt.
  • High quality profiles provide an extremely long lifespan.
  • High residual lift capacity even at high lift heights.
  • Lift heights of up to 7400 mm.
  • Integrated hose routing, also for auxiliary hydraulics (no hose reel).
Ergonomic operator cabin

The operator’s cabin provides the ideal working conditions to achieve both high performance and ease of operation.

  • Entry / Exit step plate can be seen from above.
  • Horizontally and vertically adjustable steering wheel.
  • Comfort seat, fully adjustable for each operator (seat position / backrest / bodyweight).
  • The side facing seat arrangement offers perfect visibility, even when transporting high loads.
  • Large number of in-cab storage areas.
  • Important truck controls are within easy reach.
  • Generous space availability.
  • Electric 180° steering and optimally positioned steering wheel.
  • Automatic centering of the side shift at the push of a button (optional).
Easy control using “SOLO PILOT”

The control lever to activate all hydraulic functions including the selection of travel direction and horn.

  • All controls are visible and have a clearly allocated function.
  • Also auxiliary equipment, e.g. forkpositioner (optional) can be comfortably controlled with the “SOLO-PILOT”.
  • Precise control through smooth activation of all functions.
  • Adjustable arm rest allows relaxed posture of the operator’s arm.
Easy to read operator display

High quality instruments for displaying the most important operating data.

  • Travel direction and drive wheel position display.
  • Battery condition with discharge status display.
  • Three adjustable travel programmes to cater for every requirement.
  • Operating hours and clock.
  • Lift height (optional).
  • Load weight (optional).
More efficiency and economy using

Leistungsstarke Drehstromtechnik für den Fahr-, HuPowerful 3rd Generation AC technology for drive, lift and steering offers many advantages over conventional DC motors.

  • Powerful acceleration.
  • Quick reversing without delay.
  • High operational availability due to maintenance free motors without carbon brushes.
  • Longer operational times through regenerative battery charging when reducing travel speed.
  • Two year guarantee on drive and lift motors.

b- und Lenkantrieb bietet gleichzeitig eine Reihe von Vorteilen gegenüber herkömmlichen Gleichstrommotoren:

  • Kräftige Beschleunigung.
  • Schnelles Reversieren ohne „Gedenksekunde“.
  • Hohe Einsatzverfügbarkeit durch wartungsfreie Motoren ohne Kohlebürsten.
  • Längere Einsatzzeiten durch Energierückgewinnung bei Zurücknahme der Fahrgeschwindigkeit.
  • Zweijährige Gewährleistung auf Fahr- und Hubmotor.
All weather cabin (optional)
  • All weather cabin in 3 variations (Economy/Comfort 1/ Comfort 2) for the protection of the operator in regular outdoor usage.
  • “Economy” with roof and front screen.
  • “Comfort 1” with roof, front and side screens for protection against frequent rain.
  • “Comfort 2” with roof, front & side screens and door for all round protection.

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