EFX 410/413

Electric front seat / tri-lateral stacker (1000–1250kg)

Unique truck concept with front seat and sideways positioned mast

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Basic characteristics

Lift (standard mast)
from 0 to 0 mm
Capacity / load
from 0,00 to 0,00 t
  • Unobstructed visibility towards forks, load and travel route
  • 3-phase AC technology with high travel dynamics
  • Energy reclamation during lowering and braking
  • Universal application

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More characteristics

The tri-lateral stackers EFX 410 and EFX 413 with 48 V 3-phase AC technology, 1000 to 1250 kg capacity and lift heights up to 7000 mm represent versatility and excellent flexibility in the narrow aisle warehouse. The EFX can be utilised in guided or freerange mode. Advantage: combined application in narrow aisle, wide aisle and on the apron.

These versatile application modes are available to the EFX operator with effortless ease: comfortable mounting and dismounting, vibration-absorbing comfort seat adjustable to height and weight and pedal arrangement as in a motor car. Large depositing areas, clear contours and the latest ergonomic operational devices make work significantly more pleasant and thus faster.

At the centre is the unique truck concept with front seat and sideways positioned mast for unobstructed visibility towards forks, load and travel route. An added plus is the efficiency-promoting operating concept with its operating console that is adjustable in both height and distance to the operator and its large display. With a number of innovative performance characteristics, it defines state of the art system ergonomics:

  • Ergonomic operating elements with thumb control of hydraulic functions for lifting, lowering, turning and reaching.
  • Integrated handy steering wheel to support precise and safe handling.
  • Information transmission via graphic display. Important operating data are quickly and legibly displayed in pictograms.
  • Optimum visibility and thus unobstructed vision towards forks, load and travel route.

Advantages in overview

  • 48 V 3-phase AC technology
  • Reliability
  • Economic efficiency
  • Standard equipment

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Advantages in detail

48 V 3-phase AC technology

Constant application of 3-phase AC technology for travel, hydraulics and steering drive is characteristic for the EFX 410–413. The advantages are obvious:

  • Optimum energy consumption through particularly favourable efficiency factor.
  • High efficiency factor of hydraulic system through rpm control of hydraulic motor.
  • Optimised thermal economy allows the use of corrosion-free, heat-resistant plastic containers for hydraulic oil.
  • Excellent efficiency factor for motors.
  • Dynamic movement sequences.
  • Reduced maintenance through omission of components susceptible to wear.
Economic efficiency

During lowering of the load or empty load pick-up device, energy is fed back into the battery = “regenerative lowering”. The energy is also fed back into the battery when braking the travel movement = “regenerative braking”. The energy reclaimed in this way is available for subsequent energy consumption. The advantages:

  • Longer operating times with the same battery capacity.
  • Shorter battery charging times with at the same time longer battery life.
  • Lower investment costs for smaller batteries and lower energy costs.

3-phase AC drive control and CAN-Bus make EFX applications as requirementoriented, economical and reliable as never before. The advantages:

  • Individual adjustment to every application.
  • Active safety through steplessly adjustable speed profiles in narrow aisles and on aprons.
  • Care of components.
  • Service-friendly through repairable circuit boards and exchangeable interface.
Standard equipment
  • Ergonomic operator workplace with overhead load guard.
  • Sprung, adjustable and weight-adjustable seat with armrests.
  • Operating console adjustable in height and distance to the operator.
  • Graphics-suitable display with function keys for status and service displays.
  • Ergonomically shaped one-hand operating lever for hydraulic functions.
  • Electric power-assisted steering for effortless, sensitive manoeuvring.
  • Diagonal travel with optimum speed profile dependent on travel direction.
  • Computer-supported truck control with CAN-Bus networking.
  • Mirror on overhead load guard.
  • 3-fold braking system: regenerative braking, spring-loaded brake on drive wheel and hydraulic load wheel brake.
  • Stepless rpm control of all 3-phase AC drives for gentle movement processes at top efficiency factor.
  • End position and transfer cushioning with start/stop pads of all hydraulic functions.
  • Integrated diagnostic system with display and service interface.
  • Removable rear cover for quick access to drive unit.
  • Removable battery side panel and foldable battery cover for easy access to built-in battery.
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