EMC 110/B10

Electric pedestrian stacker (1000 kg)

Choice of 1560 mm or 2000 mm lift height

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Basic characteristics

Lift (standard mast)
from 1540 to 1540 mm
Capacity / load
from 1,00 to 1,00 t
  • Multi-function tiller head
  • Enclosed truck contours
  • Low-mounted ergonomic tiller
  • Integrated charger

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More characteristics

The Jungheinrich electric pedestrian stacker EMC 110/EMC B 10 combines performance efficiency and operator friendliness in one attractive design. It provides a multitude of utilisation possibilities for practically any application. For example: depositing goods on racking or feeding machines. Palletised goods are simply lifted to the required picking height and are then deposited in the racking without stressing the back or taken from the pallet.

The effortless handling of the EMC is facilitated by a number of ergonomic advantages:
The long tiller provides the operator with low steering forces and a high safety factor at the same time. All travel and lift functions are easily accessible from the multi-function lever. The narrow front length (531 mm) of the EMC ensures effortless operation even in confined spaces.

Recharging the EMC is also effortless by means of its integrated charger that can be connected to any 230 V mains socket. The battery discharge indicator continuously displays the battery condition.

Various accessories are also available. Example: During replenishing or order picking operations, the automatic lift positioning always keeps goods at a height that is gentle on the back.

The EMC is able to pick up perimeter board pallets. If fitted with an FEM fork carriage, a great variety of attachments can be mounted, which enables the truck to be utilised in an even broader application range.

Advantages in overview

  • Safe and comfortable stacking and retrieval
  • Compact construction
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Extensive additional equipment
  • Everything under control
  • Wide track version EMC B10
  • Long operating times

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Advantages in detail

Safe and comfortable stacking and retrieval

All lifting and lowering functions are easily controlled with the tiller. This not only eliminates the usual reaching round to levers on the chassis, it also puts the operator in the optimal position towards the load. Other advantages:

  • Precise depositing of loads in the racking. The lowering speed is electro-hydraulically controlled via button on the tiller head.
  • Long tiller provides safe distance between operator and truck.
  • Automatic lift height adjustment through “intelligent” lift positioning (optional).
Everything under control

Clear control instruments and effortless operation keep the EMC under control at any time:

  • Battery discharge indicator
  • State of charge control light
  • Clear colour system on the tiller
  • Entire operation via the tiller
  • Differently shaped control buttons for lifting and lowering: the operator feels the operation he controls and is able to fully concentrate on the load during stacking and retrieval.
Compact construction

The EMC is a particularly compact pedestrian stacker. A front length of only 531 mm and the low truck weight of 430 kg (EMC 110 with 1560 mm lift height) facilitate applications in confines spaces, in the lift and on mezzanines.

Wide track version EMC B10
  • Ideal for picking up perimeter board pallets
  • Utilisation of attachments (e.g. crane hooks or barrel turners) because of FEM fork carriage (optional).
Reduced maintenance

Service-friendly components ensure a long-term reduction in maintenance costs:

  • Quick access to components through one-piece front cover.
  • 2-year warranty on drive motor
Long operating times

The battery facilitates long operating times.

  • Maintenance-free 12 V/60 Ah block battery
  • Integrated 12 V/10 A charger for simple recharge at any 230 V mains socket
Extensive additional equipment
  • Tandem load rollers
  • Weighing device
  • Signal horn instead of buzzer
  • Automatic lift positioning for readjusting lift height
  • Automatic lift stop
  • Roller bed (EMC B10)
  • Barrel turner (EMC B10)
  • Crane hook (EMC B10)

Other attachments on request.

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