EJR 120n

Electric ride-on pedestrian pallet truck (2.000 kg)

Powerful through maintenance-free 3-phase AC drive motor

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Basic characteristics

Lift (standard mast)
from 115 to 115 mm
Capacity / load
from 2,00 to 2,00 t
  • Excellent stability in curves due to advanced "Pro-Trac-Link"
  • Operators impact reduction by platform cushioning
  • Energy recovery thanks to regenerative braking on deceleration

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More characteristics

The new EJR120n ride-on/pedestrian pallet truck series is a multifunctional goods handling tool which can cover a wide range of your internal logistics demands. Thanks to the high acceleration and the ride-on foldable platform, goods can be comfortably transported even over longer distances. In the pedestrian mode, with automatically folded up platform, the EJR120n can be manoeuvred in very narrow aisles and even on lorries and containers, due to its short front end dimension (L2) of just 665mm.
The innovative 3-phase AC drive motor is another advantage. Its optimized effciency ensures high speed and powerful acceleration-ideal for fast, effcient product throughput. In addition to its speed, it also offers long operating times: Batteries up to 250Ah in combination with excellent energy management ensure long operating times. For operations lasting more than 1 shift, the battery can be removed laterally for quick battery replacement (optional).

The shock protected suspension platform, which reduces the impact and vibrations to the operator significantly is just one of the ergonomic features provided by the new EJR120n. The solid restraint system (optional) ensures the drivers protection in the ride-on travel mode and high travel comfort even for long distances. In the pedestrian mode the gas spring supported restraint system can be folded up comfortable by one move.

Advantages in overview

  • Innovative 3-phase AC technology
  • Fit for puropse
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Long operating times
  • Optimum driving characteristics
  • Everything at a glance
  • Additional equipment

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Advantages in detail

Innovative 3-phase AC technology

Jungheinrich three-phase AC motors offers higher performance while simultaneously reducing running costs:

  • High level of effciency with excellent energy management.
  • Powerful acceleration.
  • Quick change in direction of travel without`having to think`.
  • Engergy recovery through regenerative braking on deceleration.
Long operating times

The energy-saving 3-phase AC technology in combination with battery capacities of up to 250 Ah are the best guarantee for long operating times:

  • Lateral battery exchange available for all battery capacities for multi-shift operation.
Fit for puropse

The truck model can be adapted to the application profile in its standard configuration the EJR 120n is equipped with an automatic foldup platform.This configuration suites prefect for opportunity usage over short and middle distances and on the lorry ramp.
In the advanced configuration the EJR120n is equipped with the optional restraint system. In this configuration the truck perfecting suits for middle and long distance goods commissioning and/or production line feeding. The restraint system can be easily folded up by just one-hand move and the operator can still benefit form the small turning radius in the pedestrian mode.

Optimum driving characteristics
  • Advanced “Pro-Trac-Link” : Sprung and gas spring cushioned support w heels-linked via a torsion bar-ensure safe handling in all driving conditions. Even in sharp curves the supporting wheels won`t loose the floors contact. This ensures safe handling and full truck control in all operating conditions.
Ergonomic operation

The exclusive Jungheinrich tiller head is perfectly adjusted to operator requirements:

  • The tiller position and length meets the perfect compromise between ride-on and pedestrian mode and ensures an operation without fatigue, due to minimized steering forces
  • Clear color coded system and keys with sunken/raised sections allowing intutive operation
  • Handle position adjusted to suit natural any tiller position
  • The ergonomic finger tip pattern is easy to reach without changing handles grip

The tiller head also has excellent protection against breakdown with a contactless sensor system which has IP 65 protection against water ingress.

Everything at a glance

The reasonable designed cockpit provides the operator with all the information required at a glance at any time:

  • CanDis provides information on battery charge status,hourmeter and service code storage (optional)
  • CanCode facilitates activation of the truck via PIN, with the opportunity to individually specify authorized operators (optional)
  • The adjustment options for the drive parameter settings allow for optimum adaptation to any application (optional )
  • Useful stationary pocket is integrated into the instrument cover as well as an integrated pen and cup-holder
Reduced maintenance

3-phase AC technology ensures significant long-term reduction in operating costs:

  • Maintenance-free 3-phase AC drive motor with no carbon brushes.
  • Secure protection from dust and moisture due to enclosed controls and plugs according to IP 54.
Additional equipment
  • 8 different fork length-up to 2400mm
  • Tandem load wheels
  • Paper clip on battery cover

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