Electric three-wheel forklift truck (1300, 1500, 1600, 1800, 2000 kg)

High performance electric forklift with enclosed, twin AC motor front wheel drive

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Basic characteristics

Lift (standard mast)
from 3000 to 6500 mm
Capacity / load
from 1,30 to 2,00 t
  • 5 individually adjustable working programs
  • Jungheinrich Curve Control for safer driving and cornering
  • Comfortable workstation with SOLO or MULTI-PILOT control (optional)
  • Maintenance-free multiple disc brakes

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More characteristics

The use of innovative three-phase AC technology opens up new possibilities and provides numerous advantages for electric
forklift trucks:

  • Excellent performance values for acceleration, travel and lift speeds allow for maximum productivity.
  • More work per battery charge as a result of optimum efficiency and more effective energy recovery.
  • Precise hydrostatic power steering and solid-state electric braking when the accelerator is released.
  • Maintenance-free brushless enclosed three phase AC motors protected to IP 54

This ensures faster working cycles and significantly longer operation per battery charge. Low day-to-day operating costs, together with reduced maintenance requirements, guarantee outstanding economic efficiency.

Compact design makes the three wheel truck extremely manoeuvrable and allows fast operation in the most confined spaces
for example lorries, containers or railway wagons. The closed design and the front wheel drive ensure a universal suitability and optimal traction on gradients and slippery surfaces.

Advantages in overview

  • Superior Operator Comfort
  • Maintenance free electric motors
  • Intelligent electronics
  • Safe, wear-free braking
  • Active safety

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Advantages in detail

Superior Operator Comfort

Functionality and ergonomics of the driver compartment guarantees relaxed and fatigue-free work over long shifts:

  • Low access step. Large, level foot well with automotive pedal layout.
  • Adjustable steering column and hydraulic comfort seat for optimum seating position.
  • Floating cab module cushions road shocks and vibrations.
  • Clear view: mast and fork carriage allow for excellent visibility to load and road.
  • Hydraulic power steering is precise and low effort, without kickback.
  • Comfort Display provides up-to-date information on vital vehicle conditions at a glance.
  • Comfortable, fatigue-free operation of direction and hydraulics by SOLO-PILOT control (separate levers) or MULTI-PILOT control (optional), all functions controlled by one lever.
  • Convenient storage for documents and the operators belongings.
Safe, wear-free braking

Three distinct systems ensure safe, precise and largely wear-free braking:

  • Regenerative electric braking in reversing mode and regular brake pedal use.
  • Multiple oil disc brakes act as a safety backup. Wear-free and fully enclosed.
  • Parking brake uses the service brake system through a separate electric actuation system. Operation warning light in the drivers console.
Maintenance free electric motors

Proven AC technology: 2 drive motors, hydraulic pump motor, steering motor. High performance, low energy consumption, less maintenance:

  • High torque for rapid work cycles.
  • Up to 15% higher energy efficiency than shunt motors.
  • No brushes, no collector – no maintenance expense.
  • Fully enclosed and protected to IP 54. Long life, even under dusty and damp conditions.
  • 2 years warranty on all motors.
Active safety

Excellent drive dynamics and performance also demand a high degree of safety:

  • Curve Control automatically reduces travel speed when cornering.
  • Rollback protection ensures controlled operation on ramps and slopes.
  • Very low centre of gravity improves stability and residual capacity.
  • Twin wheel steering axle with low profile tyres ensures stable handling and smooth travel.
  • Electronic and hydraulic overload protection guard.
  • Traction Control ensures optimum torque in curves.
  • Emergency cut off switch quickly accessible.
  • Reliable data transfer between electronic components through CAN-Bus technology.
Intelligent electronics

BoardControl electronic system permanently controls and monitors all truck functions.

  • Smooth driving, dynamic reversing and precise load positioning with a minimum of energy.
  • 5 application programs can be individually adapted to ensure optimal performance in any application.
  • Diagnostic system monitors all components and provides service data memory for rapid and cost-effective maintenance.
  • Comfort Display with digital service hour meter (actual or cyclic duration factor), battery discharge indicator plus lift cut-out,

clock, error code and warning displays.

  • Electronic steer wheel position indicator.

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