EPM 113

Ameise® light electric pedestrian controlled pallet truck (1300kg)

Compact design and free maintenance



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Basic characteristics

Lift (standard mast)from 115 to 115 mm
Capacity / loadfrom 1,30 to 1,30 t
  • Electric lift and lower
  • Spring backup roll
  • Maintenance-free colloid storage battery

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More characteristics

Ameise® EPM 113 is an entry-level electric pallet truck.It is also a truck specially designed for use in factories to handle light goods.

This truck is of compact design and may be used in very limited space. EPM 113 is equipped with 2 spring backup rollers on both sides of its driving wheel to obtain higher stability.

The maintenance-free colloid storage battery, togather with the built-in charger, make the truck operate more easily.

This is Ameise® product of modern design.



Advantages in overview

  • Entry-level model
  • Ergonomic design
  • High safety standard
  • High reliability
  • Easy operation
  • Other options

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Advantages in detail

Entry-level model
Ameise® EPM113 is an entry-level electric pallet truck for handling light goods. The power of its driving motor is 0.65KW and it can be used to carry pallet or carry 1300kg goods in short distance. It is the best choice for carrying small or medium-sized goods.

Ergonomic design
EPM113 truck has a long helm arm in ergonomic design, as well as the handles on both sides of the helm arm, to realize the optimum operation efficiency.

High safety standard
The ground clearance of EPM113 is just 35mm, which makes it operate more safely and also reduces the risk of foot injury.

High reliability
EPM113 truck has 2 spring backup rollers on both sides of its driving wheel, which can increase stability and reduce risk index during transportation.

Easy operation
This model is of compact design, which makes it convenient for you to find important operating instruments such as storage battery discharge indicator, runtime counter, emergency stop button, and central key.

Other options
You may also choose EPM113W equipped with weighing device that may weigh the goods. It has 4 weighing sensors with maximum weighing error not larger than 1%.

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