Hamburg, 1946. In a small production workshop in the heart of the ruined city, the nucleus of the modern, global, innovative group is created. Dr. Jungheinrich, engineer and inventor, working with its dedicated staff of technical solutions, with which he will change the world of logistics. Its solid transport equipment and trucks received a distinctive name: Ameise®.

On October 22, 1948, Ameise® was issued the birth certificate of the brand. On this day Dr. Jungheinrich had registered the trademark protection. It was a striking and nice brand that millions of employees in many companies for decades know and appreciate. Ameise® stands for one of the great moments of Jungheinrich, is a still active commitment to innovative concepts and ideas but at the same time.

Today, 69 years after their formation, the brand reliability and endurance stands for. Ameise® now includes a range of practical and reliable products. From the rugged trucks to flexible transport equipment, you get reliable and affordable products for your operation with Ameise ® brand quality. The name Ameise® stands in many companies colloquially and as a synonym for lift trucks. The saying is unmistakable and understandable for everyone in everyday work: "Get the Ameise®."

With the brand Ameise® we also recall the power of pioneers, in particular of the founder of our company and its employees.

The legacy of the "generation Ameise®": Reliability, diligence, perseverance. For us as topical as 69 years ago!

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