Stacker cranes for high-bay warehouses

Automatic storage of pallets, lattice boxes and individual loading devices

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Basic characteristics

  • Installation height up to 45 m
  • Available as integrated or freestanding silo store
  • Can be used in both normal and cold-store temperatures
  • Capacity up to 7000 kg
  • different load handlers for single-deck, double-deck and multi-deck storage
  • Travel speeds of up to 240 m/min and lift speed of up to 100 m/min

Maximum goods throughput due to high speed:
In automated pallet racking warehouses, special high-speed rack operating systems provide 'speed' on the way to the order-picking station or to the affiliated materials handling technology.

Advantages in overview

  • Scalable warehouse solution
  • Load handlers for different load carriers and storage bay depths

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Advantages in detail

Scalable warehouse solution

While aisle-linked rack operating systems always move in the same rack aisle, the rack operating equipment with cornering ability services several aisles at the same time.
This enables the full warehouse capacity to be utilised from the outset. Should throughput requirements increase, additional trucks can simply be integrated into the existing warehouse system. The patented, maintenance-free aisle-changing system for cornering guarantees the fast and secure transition from one racking aisle to another. Any costs for monitoring elements, control centres, safety devices and, above all, additional trucks – as would be necessary with the changing of rails in single aisle operation – are eliminated.

Load handlers for different load carriers and storage bay depths

Various load handlers for single, double and multi-deck storage.

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