Automatic EKXa high-rack stacker

Flexible automation based on the innovative technology of the Jungheinrich EKX

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Basic characteristics

  • Different operating modes
  • Utilises the technical advantages of the proven basic truck
  • Also for use in existing high-bay warehouses
  • Incremental automation
  • Optimum stacking and retrieval performance
  • Negotiating bends

Flexibility despite automation! By changing between manual, semi-automatic or automatic mode, you are equipped for every application. Incremental automation of the warehouse functions is therefore possible.
The proven Jungheinrich EKX high-rack stacker is used as the basic truck for the automation, enabling you to benefit from the many technical advantages offered by this truck type. Innovative technology creates the basis for cost-effective operation, with the focus on optimum stacking and retrieval which is a prerequisite for automation.

Advantages in overview

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  • Advantages
  • Application

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Advantages in detail


The basis for the automation is the proven EKX high-rack stacker. Many of the standard options available for this truck, such as on-board charging, various load handlers (telescopic forks or swivelling side-shift attachments) etc., can also be used in automated operation. Additional components such as automated control computers, fine positioning systems, curve control and centring/contour control for load units facilitate full automation. The EKXa communicates with upstream management and control systems via WLAN technology. The reliable wire guidance technology which the basic truck already has ensures that the EKXa is able to move reliably and safely anywhere in the warehouse at any time.


The EKXa utilises the features and advantages of the EKX basic truck, the Jungheinrich 'man-up' high-rack stacker. This means that, in principle, the automation of existing high-bay racking systems is just as possible as with new-build warehouses. It is also possible to retrofit trucks already in operation with an automated system.


With incremental automation (e.g. temporary operation by means of Jungheinrich warehouse navigation) and particularly high racking systems, the man-up version of the high-rack stacker has major advantages utilising its automation.. Here, during manual travel, the operator always remains at the height where the activity is taking place.

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