Compact storage shuttle system

Deep. Compact. Efficient.

Shuttle compact warehouse systems – a total solution that comprises of channel racking, carrier truck and shuttle

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Basic characteristics

  • High performance levels, useful life, safety and reliability
  • High throughput performances
  • Low maintenance and repair costs
  • Optimum utilisation of storage and space
  • High efficiency levels in warehouse assignment and in the energy balance
  • Pre-destined for use in cold stores and buffer warehouses

The Jungheinrich shuttle compact warehouse systems, In Pallet Carrier (IPC) and Under Pallet Carrier (UPC), facilitate the efficient storage of palleted products and goods in compact channel warehouse systems. The core of our system is based on the independent fork carriages, or carriers, which pick up the pallets for stacking or retrieval and transport them independently in the racking channel. We are the only manufacturer to offer two different shuttle systems that are specially adapted to your respective needs, requirements and operations. They can be combined with our compact warehouse racking and our carrier trucks (e.g. EGF, ETV, EKX) to create the ideal system for optimum throughput in your warehouse.

Advantages in overview

  • Highly efficient storage
  • Efficient and powerful
  • Flexible shuttle compact warehouse systems

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Advantages in detail

Highly efficient storage

The Jungheinrich compact warehouse system – comprising carrier, carrier truck and channel racking – facilitates the optimum utilisation of your storage space. The low height utilisation per channel level and the low first level also allows for efficient use of available storage height. Any Jungheinrich forklift truck with an FEM fork carriage, sufficient residual capacity and sideshift can be used as a carrier truck.

Flexible shuttle compact warehouse systems

What makes Jungheinrich shuttle compact warehouse systems special: They are designed either to go under pallets (under pallet carriers, UPCs) or to enter pallets (in pallet carriers, IPCs). In addition, different UPC and IPC versions allow for the handling of different load carriers, such as Euro pallets (transverse/lengthways) and industrial pallets (transverse/lengthways). These systems are also suitable for use in buffer warehouses and even in cold stores at temperatures down to -30°C.

Efficient and powerful

Our shuttle compact warehouse systems are particularly efficient at filling and emptying a channel. The high throughput rates achieved as a result are due in particular to the higher number of pallets per item, the longer channels and combined orders for predominantly the same items.

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