Automatic high racking storage system

Type ETXa/EKXa

Flexibility despite automation

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Basic characteristics

  • Flexible use
  • High availability of the entire system
  • More freedom in planning
  • Maximum modularity

Flexibility despite automation! With the EKXa and ETXa automatic high-rack stackers from Jungheinrich as the core of this warehouse system, you will take a huge step closer to this goal.
By changing between manual, semiautomatic or automatic mode, you are equipped for every application. Incremental automation of the warehouse functions is therefore possible. The EKXa und ETXa environment comprises standard modules such as racking, pre-zone transport technology, safety system, control system or Transport Manager and warehouse management system (WMS). The high modularity of this system guarantees you great freedom in the planning of your warehouse mapping, a high degree of overall system availability, and a solution tailored to your needs.

Advantages in overview

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Advantages in detail


The basis for this automated system is the EKXa (man-up) and ETXa (man-down) automatic high-rack stacker models. These always remain in contact with the upstream management and control system via WLAN and inductive guidance while in operation. If the Jungheinrich Warehouse Control System WCS is used as the control system or Transport Manager, an optimal disposition of orders can be achieved with the use of several high-rack stackers in one racking system. The warehouse topology is further determined by the racking and pre-zone transport technology. The latter can be designed both as a conventional materials handling system or based on a driverless transport system such as the Jungheinrich auto pallet mover (APM).


ETXa and EKXa automatic high-rack stackers offer the features and advantages of the ETX and EKX basic models. This means that, in principle, the automation of existing high-bay racking systems is feasabile, just as it is in new-build warehouses. It is also conceivable to retrofit trucks already in operation with an automated system.
Their manoeuvrability around bends enables our automatic high-rack stackers to flexibly service several aisles and they can still be used economically if proportionately low stacking/retrieval performance accounts for a proportionately high storage volume or there are irregularities in the warehouse topology.


Automation is possible in several stages, giving you 'familiarisation phases' and flexibility in budgeting and optimising operating costs.
You have greater freedom and less work is involved in planning your warehouse topology compared with conventional ROE technology.
Even with a restricted building, automatic high-bay warehouses offer greater storage capacity than conventional ROE solutions. If several trucks are used, they can all access any aisle. If one truck breaks down, another truck can take over its tasks, the warehouse continues to operate and overall availability increases.
Scalability: If your performance requirements change, additional automatic trucks can be added depending on the warehouse layout.

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